Wolcott Roofing – Reputable Commercial Roofers for Lancaster, NY

Serving Lancaster, NY since 2016, Wolcott Roofing has the expertise to cover all your commercial roofing needs. No matter what you need done on your roof, we will do it right the first time. Our experienced roofers have the professionalism and know-how to accomplish any roofing task. Also, our customer service is second-to-none. Let us show you why Wolcott Roofing is Lancaster, NY’s choice when it comes to commercial roofing.

Reliable Commercial Roof Installations in Lancaster, NY

No matter what type of roof you need, Wolcott Roofing has the experts to install it properly. From shingles to sheet metal to everything in between, our technicians are able to handle some of the most difficult roofs in the industry. Whether you have a low-slope roof, or a high-slope one, we can do it all. We take pride in making our customers happy and in a job well done. Lancaster, NY trusts us above all others for quality commercial roof installations, and our customers are always willing to refer us to others once their job is done.

Lancaster, NY Thorough Roofing Inspections and Repair

 Is your roof leaking? Did your shingles get damaged in the last windstorm? No matter what your issue is, Wolcott Roofing can handle it all. For the average person, inspecting your business’ roof for problems can be a challenge. Lancaster, NY homeowners trust our inspection services to catch roofing issues before they become costly problems. And if we do find any issues, we’ll come up with a plan to get them fixed on your budget.

Gutters, Soffits, and Fascia for Lancaster, NY

Your roof doesn’t just encompass your shingles. Wolcott Roofing is also versed in installing and repairing gutters, soffits, and fascia to keep your business looking sharp. Soffits are the finished underside of the overhang where your roof extends beyond the walls of the structure. Fascia is the vertical band underneath your roof’s edge and is visible from the outside. And of course, gutters provide vital drainage of rainwater from your roof to keep your building leak-free. All these systems are susceptible to wear-and-tear and damage. Wolcott Roofing can handle any repairs or maintenance to these systems, so you don’t have to worry.

Maintenance Plans for Lancaster, NY Roofs

Keeping up with consistent roofing maintenance is the key to extending the lifespan of your roof. Lancaster, NY businesses rely on our gold service plans to keep their roofs in excellent condition. Our gold service plans are 1-to-5-year flexible agreements that include bi-annual maintenance procedures such as cleaning, inspection, and gutter maintenance. We offer an online portal for customers to view our findings and receive recommendations on repair tasks, if applicable. Ask us today if a gold service plan is right for your roof.

Lancaster, NY Relies on Wolcott Roofing

It doesn’t matter if you need a new roof, repairs on an existing roof, or just need to keep up with maintenance. Wolcott Roofing has everything Lancaster, NY needs to build and maintain beautiful roofs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your business’ roof.