Wolcott Roofing – Professional Roofing Company Near East Aurora, NY

Wolcott Roofing has been working for the East Aurora, NY area since 2016. Our expert roofing technicians provide top-notch roofing solutions and unmatched customer service, so you get your job done right the first time. Let us show you why Wolcott Roofing is East Aurora, NY’s top pick for all roofing projects.

Excellent Roof Installation Services for East Aurora, NY

Wolcott Roofing has a vast repertoire of roofing solutions, ranging from shingles to sheet metal to everything in between. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise necessary to install some of the most difficult roofs in the industry. This ensures you get the best possible job in the best possible time frame and for the best price. We take pride in giving our customers high quality customer service, which earns us referrals and repeat customers in order to build our business. East Aurora, NY residents rely on Wolcott Roofing for expert roof installations every time.

East Aurora, NY Detailed Roof Inspections and Repair

Do you have leaks in your ceiling? Drafts or mold in your attic? Broken or missing shingles? No matter what roofing problems you have, Wolcott Roofing has the solution. East Aurora, NY homeowners trust Wolcott Roofing for our dedicated inspection services. We do the hard work of getting up on your roof for you, so you can rest easy knowing that any problems will be found swiftly. You also will get recommendations for repairs on even the smallest issues, so that you don’t have to worry about a little problem becoming a big, expensive one later down the road. We also provide 24/7 emergency repair services for those moments when life happens, so your home will stay protected and safe, without you having to worry about costly damages.

Dependable Installation and Repair for East Aurora, NY Gutters and More

In addition to your shingles and the roof structure, you need to consider the entire roofing system. Your roof’s soffit and fascia can also be damaged by the elements. Soffits are the finished underside of the overhang where your roof extends beyond the walls of your home. Fascia is the vertical band underneath your roof’s edge and is visible from the outside of your home. And of course, gutters provide vital drainage of rainwater from your roof to keep your home leak-free. It is our goal to help your home keep its charm and to keep your family protected from the weather. We are experienced in the installation and repair of these systems.

East Aurora, NY Commercial Roofing Services

Business-owners in East Aurora, NY can rely on Wolcott Roofing and our variety of commercial roofing services to keep their business in top condition. We do new installations or restorations of existing roofs in order to keep your business space looking its best and protected from the elements. We also offer commercial roofing inspections, so you’ll never have to be caught off-guard by issues in your roof that could damage your property or your product. We’ll get you estimates and recommendations on repair services, and we even offer maintenance plans to make sure that your business shines no matter what.

Roof Maintenance Plans for East Aurora, NY

Keeping up with regular roof maintenance is the single most important thing you can do in order to maximize the lifespan of your roof. East Aurora, NY homeowners can rely on Wolcott Roofing and our gold service plans to keep their roofs at peak performance. Our gold service plans are 1-to-5-year flexible agreements that include bi-annual maintenance procedures such as cleaning, inspection, and gutter maintenance. We have an online portal for customers to review photos and write-ups of our findings and receive recommendations into repair services, if applicable. Ask us if a gold service plan is right for your roof.

East Aurora, NY Trusts Wolcott Roofing

New roof installations, existing roof repair, or even just estimates, Wolcott Roofing has you covered for all of your roofing needs. Contact us today to get a quote or get more information on what Wolcott Roofing can do for your next roofing project.