How to Choose a Reputable Roofing Specialist

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The number of roofers in the US is only growing. With over 200,000 people employed in the industry (a number that is only expected to grow!) in the US, there is a huge number of roofing specialists — meaning, when you want roofing work done, you have a lot of choices. 

Even narrowing it down to your state, your city, or your town, you might find that you’re stuck between specialists. You obviously want someone reputable, but how do you ensure they do a good job of repairing or replacing your life?

Consider all of these things to make sure you make the right choice for a roofing specialist. 

Ask for References

When you first start looking for a roofing contractor, you can ask friends and family for their recommendations. Chances are, someone you trust has had roofing work done recently and can recommend someone to do the job — or perhaps share a bad experience to narrow down your search!

Word of mouth is still a very reliable way to find services. 

Read Reviews

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they do their friends. When you have a few roofing specialist names, it’s time to search them up online and see what comes up.

Any established specialist should have reviews online somewhere, whether that’s Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Check out what people are saying about them and what their overall rating is.

While it could be argued that everyone has bad reviews due to the simple fact you can’t please everyone, they should have a good overall rating and far more five-star reviews than one-star for you to trust them. 

Check Out the Website

Residential roofing is a very different industry to web design — but that doesn’t mean a professional roofer shouldn’t have a website that’s clean, accessible, and has all of their contact information on it. This is vital to any good business, so taking the time and investment to get a great website is a big green flag.

A nice website is a sign that they’re established and have taken the time to ensure potential customers are getting a good impression. It also provides an easy way to see customer testimonials and other information that might put you at ease. 

Ask About Their Experience

Some of the best tips for choosing a roofer are to simply ask questions — and one of these is, “How much experience do you have?”

A brand new roofer might be great at their job, and just hasn’t had the chance to prove it yet. It’s possible! However, if you want the best job done, you should pick someone who has experience behind them and a lot of work done over the years.

Some roofers might even be able to provide photos of past work. 

Consider the Job

When asking about their experience, consider the actual job you want to be done. If your roofing specialist can talk about a bunch of repairs they’ve done, but hasn’t really worked with your specific type of roof, you might want to pick someone else.

Likewise, if they’re good at repairs but seem unsure about a whole replacement, it might be best to skip them.

When asking all of your questions, in fact, you should keep the job itself in mind and be upfront. The roofing specialist should also be able to advise you on the best course of action if you aren’t sure. 

Consider the Communication

You should also consider their communication when talking to them.

A roofing specialist might be busy, but they should be able to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. If they seem flaky, don’t get back to you when they said they would, and are late to consultations without prior communication, it’s not a good sign.

They should also communicate well about your roof itself. If you’ve been having problems, you may not actually be sure what’s going on up there.

You may also not be sure if you need a replacement or a repair.

A roofing specialist should be able to clearly lay out your options in a way you understand and remain friendly and professional while doing so. If you find them impatient or feel that they’re pushing you into something you don’t want, look into another company.

Ask About a Quote

Last but not least: you have to consider the dreaded quote.

Roofing repairs and replacements can get expensive, so don’t pick the cheapest one and go with it automatically. Sometimes services are cheaper because the job won’t be done as well.

You do, however, need to consider the quote along with everything else. If it’s not in your budget, then they aren’t the people for you — but remember you want them to do a good job too so, even though the price might be daunting, remember how important your roof is!

Your roofing specialist should be able to give you a quote before starting work. Don’t let them get to work on your roof without knowing first exactly how much it will cost.

Some specialists will also be able to offer financing plans. 

This is How to Successfully Find a Roofing Specialist

If you consider all of these things, you should be able to find a roofing specialist for you. Read their website and reviews, consider their communication style and quote, and think about everything together in order to come to a decision. 

Trust your gut too!

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