Raise the Roof: 8 Common Problems That Warrant Roof Repair for Businesses

Roof Repair

The average roof in the United States is designed to last 30 years. Of course, some roofs may last much shorter or longer than that, depending on such factors as roof material and maintenance. However, you’ll likely need to replace your roof at least once during your lifetime.  

In between roof replacements, you’ll need regular roof repairs. These repairs are part of ongoing roof maintenance. Generally, roof repair issues tend to be largely the same for the popular roofing systems in America at the moment.

In today’s post, we take a closer look at the most common roof repair problems for commercial roofing systems. Read on to learn more.

1. Roof Leaks

Water intrusion accounts for 40 percent of all building-related problems, with roofs being the main area where this intrusion occurs. Simply put, if there’s one problem you’re almost guaranteed to deal with when it comes to your commercial property, it’s a leaking roof.

A leaking roof may be the result of many things. It could be that you have cracked flashing or that some of your shingles, slate, or tiles are broken. Either way, you’ll need to address the issue right away.

Most leaks occur near the chimney, around the gutters, under damaged shingles, skylights, and close to pipes and vents. Common signs of leaking include damp walls and discolored ceilings. Seek roof leak repair the moment you notice such signs.

2. Holes and Punctures on the Roof

Another reason you may incur roof repair cost is the presence of holes in your roof. This is a serious issue that may lead to water intrusion into your business premises.

A variety of things may cause Holes and punctures. For instance, it could be foot traffic during routine roof maintenance by your local contractor. Or it could be a woodpecker drilling holes in your roof’s eaves.

The moment you suspect or notice holes in your roof, your best move is to call a roof repair expert to seal them.

3. Pooled Water

This problem is more common with flat roofs. You start to notice that water forms little ponds on your roof. 

The issue may not seem serious in the beginning but can lead to bigger problems when ignored. For instance, the prolonged exposure to moisture may cause damage to the roof coating. The ponding water could also damage your roof’s membrane over time, especially if the water seeps through the seams in the roof’s membrane.

Pooled water almost always contains debris and dirt, which can promote vegetation grown on your roof. Root penetration into your roof could compromise the roof’s structural integrity.

The solution here is simple. Once you start to notice water ponds on your flat roof, contact an experienced flat roof repair expert.

4. Roof Shrinkage

Roof shrinkage mostly affects EPDM roofs, though roofs covered with other materials may also suffer this problem. Once your roofing material starts to shrink, a host of other problems may occur. For instance, other critical components of the roof, such as the flashing, may start to pull apart.

Unfortunately, this is not an issue you can tackle yourself. Contact a roof repair expert to carefully inspect any shrink-related damage on your roof and fix it.

5. Snow and Ice Damage

Snow and ice are some of your roof’s worst enemies. The two can melt into water, which then seeps underneath your shingles. Once that water refreezes, it can push up against the shingles and lift them, leaving gaps through which more water and ice can enter.

Your best remedy against the devastation that snow and ice can cause is to have routine spring and fall roof inspections and maintenance. In doing so, you get to ensure that you’re never caught unaware of the potential damage that snow and ice can cause.

6. Clogged Gutters

Sometimes, your gutters get broken, clogged, or defective in some way. This problem can cause water to back up into the roofing system and start seeping into the eaves. Eventually, the water causes rotting.

The best way to avoid this problem is to check your gutters for any debris routinely. You could also consider installing screens on your gutter openings to prevent leaves and twigs from getting into the system.

7. Tree Damage

Tree limbs crashing into your commercial roof can mean trouble. Such events can happen during storms.

But even tree branches that rub against a roof every day can scratch its surface and wear down the roof’s top layer. A good solution would be to remove trees that grow near your building that may pose a danger to your roof. But even if you can’t remove these trees completely, at least keep them trimmed so you don’t have limbs resting on your roof.

8. Pests and Insects

Pests and insects can wreck your roof faster than you may imagine. For instance, birds that make nests on your roof can cause gutter damage when these nests get caught in the gutter.

Termites are another threat to your roof. They can damage the wooden components of your roof and compromise its structural integrity. Carpenter bees and carpenter ants are another threat you need to be on the lookout for. 

Tackle Roof Repair Issues Before They Ruin Your Business

The roof is an essential part of any building, which is why you need to take good care of it. Part of that care entails staying on the lookout for common roof repair issues that could quickly become major problems if you do not take proper preventive and corrective measures as early as possible.

Are you interested in reliable commercial roof repair services in your area? Please, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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