What to Expect When Scheduling a Roofing Repair

roofing repair

The sound of a gentle rain can calm a heart. It’s a peaceful enough sound that entire soundtracks consist of just raindrop sounds, pattering on the roof and windows.

But when the pitter-patter turns to a nagging drip inside your home, the calm turns to chaos as you quickly realize you need a roof repair.

If you’ve never had your roof repaired, it’s worth knowing how the roofing repair process works. Let’s just say it requires more than just a simple call to a roof repair company. 

Keep reading to learn about the roofing repair process and all that it entails. After reading this article, you should have a solid understanding of the steps that take place between the moments when you notice your roof needs repair and the moment that you have a stable roof over your head again. 

Inspect First, Then Repair

Before you have a roof leak repair expert fix your roof, you need to have the roof inspected. 

If you suspect you need a repair, call in a roofing expert immediately. A compromised roof leaves your home vulnerable to structural damage and many more expensive problems. 

If you have not had any high winds or weather events like major hail storms, then you still should have your roof inspected annually. You can even hop on the roof and inspect it yourself if you know what you’re looking for. 

In this self-inspection, look for the following red flags: 

  • Algae: If you notice algae on your roof, you have a wet roof. The algae will look like streaks or dark spots. You can try to clean off the algae, but if it has infiltrated the shingles, then you need a roof repair. 
  • Sagging Roof: If your roof literally looks sad, then it’s time for an official roof inspection. The pitch should be fairly straight, and a sagging roof indicates a serious problem. 
  • Leaks: When you discover water streaking down the side of your walls or drops of water falling from the middle of your ceiling, you have a compromised roof. 
  • Shingle Granules: As your roof quality degrades, the granules of shingles will begin to fall off the asphalt shingles. You’ll find them in our gutters or around the edge of your home. Shingles with fewer granules cannot do their job. 

Each of these signs indicates some serious roof problems. It’s time to bring in a roofing expert who can conduct a full inspection and then fix our roof. 

Written Estimate

Once you bring in a roofing expert, they will not immediately begin repairing your roof. After inspecting the roof, they will put together a written estimate. 

As much as you want your roof repaired immediately, you need the written estimate for your homeowner’s insurance, especially if your roof repairs stem from damage caused by a storm. 

The insurance company will want a written estimate to ensure that your policy covers the costs. 

If insurance is not a part of the equation, then you still should receive a written estimate. Often a roofer will want a percentage of the money upfront so they can purchase materials needed for repairs. Ultimately, a written estimate will protect you and the contractor. 

Keep in mind that unforeseen repairs occur, so the written estimate may be lower than the final bill. 

Factors Involved in Roofing Repair

When it’s time to repair your roof, keep in mind that specific factors will determine if a company can conduct the repairs. For example, if you live in the northernmost part of the nation, a roofer will typically not climb on your roof in January. 

Here are the most common factors that affect a roofing company’s ability to repair your roof efficiently and quickly. 

  • Weather: More than any other factor, weather determines how quickly a roofing company can repair your roof. If you have extreme rain, cold, or heat, a roofing company may not be able to work efficiently. 
  • Materials: Contractors have to order supplies when you sign a contract with them. If a material shortage is occurring, then you will have to wait longer to have your roof repaired. 
  • Contractor and Crew Availability: Contractors have busy seasons too. This means that if you hit the contractor when either their crew or they are busy, you will have to wait a while for your roof repair.
  • Urgency: How urgent are your roofing needs? If you have a significant issue such as a big leak, the contractor can prioritize your project and move you up his list. 
  • Location: Is your home in a remote location? If the crew has to stay in a nearby hotel, they may have to wait for a slower season so there is hotel availability. 

You will see your roof repaired much more quickly when you begin your search with a focus on “roof repair near me.” This way you will locate a roofing company near you and won’t have to worry as much about hotel availability or commuting. 

Repair and Relax

Basic roofing repair follows some simple steps. You first have the roof inspected, and then you ask for a written estimate. Then you sit back and let the roofing company do their job. 

Do you need a new roof? Do you need a roof inspection? We can help. 

Our company, based out of Warsaw, New York, has served the western and upstate New York area since 2016. We’ve worked hard to make a positive reputation as a trustworthy company with professionalism and outstanding customer service. 

We serve individuals living in Wyoming, Monroe, Genesee, Steuben, Livingston, and Allegheny counties and beyond. We will travel where needed if someone needs a roof repair. Contact us for an inspection and estimate. 

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